The Equinox Way - Bringing balance back to your life

In a nutshell....The EQUINOX WAY is a tailored integrated Weight Loss solution which incorporates Nutrician, Hypnotherapy and Counselling support. I offer proven powerful strategies which can help you in reaching your weight loss goals. I have tested and proved it in my own experience. In the last year, I have tried this approach to my own life, and I have lost 10 Kg!!!

Why do our weight loss regimes fail time and time again? It's a great question to an infernal problem. We try and fail over and over again leaving us with a sense of personal failure and low self esteem. The reason is this: People often tackle personal issues in isolation of each other. For example, weight loss often shields self esteem issues and we try and resolve this by engaging in drastic diets or difficult weight loss strategies without addressing self defeating core beliefs. While on the other hand, people often look into depression (for example) without addressing the necessity of pursuing a healthy balanced diet. By combining therapy, nutricianal support with hynotherapy I offer this unique approach to mental and physical wellbeing wholeness.

Let me say this right now, it's not about heavily restricting yourself! It is about creating a whole new way of thinking and being. It is about education and eating in a certain way which is realistic and suited to your own life specifics. Through a combination of counselling, education, hypnotherapy and nutrition advice, I create a tailored plan specific to your own needs.

How does this plan work?

First of all, you have an initial assessment with me where I find out what your weight loss goals are. I discuss with you what my approach is. We look at the best case scenario for you and what you would like to achieve by coming to see me. We then look at the barriers and possible solutions. Over a period of sessions, We create and tweak a custimised plan for you which is sustainably enjoyable and unique, but one which also fits in with your current life plans and aims.

Let's face it, losing weight is hard. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be a $279 billion weight loss industry. But with me alongside you with regular sessions, we can create a plan which is flexible, enjoyable and non-punishing. My weight plan is not about losing weight quickly (though we can tweak it if you would like to), it's about creating a long-term sustainable path. This is not a fail and abandon system. If you lapse it's not a big problem. We can simply tweak your personal plan to get you back on track to reaching your aims. I personally do not like the term 'DIET', it's an emotionally loaded term often anchored with feelings of failure and defeat. We simply use the term 'Food Plan' to select a way of shopping, storing, and eating food that helps keep you on the path of your weight loss and healthy eating goals.

To add power to your healthy eating and weight loss system, we use hypnotherapy in your programme, creating tailored hypnosis sessions which can then be recorded so that you can listen to them. This can help change some of your own programming around eating. The benefit of hypnosis is that it can help change habits without having to really think about it, or use up finite will power resources. For example, if your internal programming is to accept any food that is given to you, being able to consciously say 'no' can take a lot of will power and a risk of causing offence. Hypnosis can help by creating a new automatic internal dialogue that makes the saying 'no' easier without really thinking about it and without a depletion in your will power as it is something that has been created as a 'habit' through hypnosis.

Why I developed this innovative plan

Though for many years, life was a challenge, bringing up two children on my own, putting myself back through college and changing career. Making time for health and well being was always a challenge. My weight was like a yo yo. I lost five stone, I then put back on five stone and no matter what I did, I found it hard to keep my weight stable. I was either losing weight or putting on weight. After spending many years, struggling with my weight, I finally developed my own approach to losing weight, the 'equinox way'. If like me, you have struggled to lose weight and eat healthy due to social events and holidays, then maybe the 'equinox way', could be for you.

I have different plans available to you and if you would like to find out more in a free phone consultation then call me on the number at the top of the page or click on the contact me button below.

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MSc Counselling Psychology (Integrative)

Post-gradudate diploma in Counselling Psychology (Integrative)

Level 4 in Counselling (Gestalt, Person-centred and Existential)

Level 4 in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Level 4 Certififed Nutrition Diploma (AfN - Association for Nutrition)

MBTI Practitioner Certificate (Myers Briggs)

Weight Management Specialist qualification

Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring in teaching

Life-Coaching Certificate

Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Level 2 in Counselling Skills

Level 1 in Counselling Skills

Various Teaching Qualifications

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What’s my background?

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Counselling Skills
Counselling Diploma (Existential, Gestalt and Person-Centred)
a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Keele University

MSc (Masters) in Counselling Psychology.
Diploma in clinical Hypnotherapy
Qualified Level 4 in Nutrician
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